Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Fort Myers Beach
Photo by Paul Hamilton/Flickr

Fort Myers Beach, Florida is a vibrant beach community with a laid-back atmosphere deeply rooted in a historical heritage.

This first-class beach community is a seven-mile-long, Gulf Coast island town with white sandy beaches. Known for its safety, the island has an ocean floor that gently slopes toward the horizon with no sudden drop-offs or big waves, making it especially enjoyable for families.

With a diversity of activities, Fort Myers Beach is perfect for everyone who loves the beach, whether you want to tan, go shelling, enjoy water sports, experience Florida's natural coast, or explore a museum.

Lovers Key, popular with couples seeking a gorgeous beach for a romantic getaway, is at the southern end of Fort Myers beach, and well known for secluded beaches.

Other popular destinations when visiting Fort Myers Beach include Manatee Park"Ding" Darling Wildlife Society, and Edison and Ford Winter Estates.

Greater Ft. Myers and the Beach


Town of Fort Myers Beach, FL: Official website with information for visitors.

Wikipedia: Information about Fort Myers Beach.

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