Premium Business Listing

Pricing: Premium Business Listings are $49.95 per month (annual subscriptions receive 2 months free).

Comparison Chart for Business Listings

  • Premium Listing Members receive premium support from our Content Administrators who setup your pages and make changes.
  • Premium Listings are moved to the top of the business directory, above standard listings.
  • Premium Listings receive a customizable Business Page that does not have ads. Since the Business Page does not have ads, the additional space can be used for photos, videos, virtual tours, maps, menus, booking widgets, etc. The Business Page header and slideshow can also be customized with your business logo and slides to promote your organization. One of our Content Administrators will work with you to format your Business Page.
  • Premium Listing Members receive priority access to advertising on the website, in addition to priority postings of Specials (Promotions), photos, videos, articles, and Feature Participation in Social Media Contests to showcase their business.

Setup a Premium Business Account

To setup a Premium Business Account, please submit the form below. We will call to discuss your listing, and one of our content administrators will create the page.

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